Betty Negron


Betty is a 56 year old female that suffered from intense low back pain which radiates down into her buttocks. Her pain is result of a disc herniation in her lumbar spine. She had consulted with a surgeon and found out that she was not a candidate for back surgery. She sought pain management and tried multiple injections, which did not help relieve any of her pain. She ultimately ended up on a large dose of pain medications. She hated being on pain medication and ended up dealing with depression. She met Dr. Pyles and underwent a spinal cord stimulator trial in June of 2011. She was trialed with an older technology system but still experienced great pain relief. Dr. Pyles, being an advocate of the newer technology system, wanted to offer her both options for the permanent implant. So she also tried the newer technology system and was extremely pleased. She stated that the newer system “felt more soothing and had less sharp sensations”. She chose the newer technology system and had her permanent implant in July of 2011. Betty is doing great and experiencing 100% pain relief. She was able to completely stop all pain medications and become more active.

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